We love to celebrate the wrong things.  

Design claims to be about lofty goals like openness, clarity and progress. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, but lately we seem more interested in things like exclusivity, celebrity, excess and vulgarity. In our relentless drive to remain relevant, we’ve become very crass.  

We’ve taken the charge to be critical as an excuse to be cynical. We eschew wisdom in favor of irony. And, perhaps most damning, we choose fashion over formation. That is to say, we want to take credit for building culture even as we (merrily) chip away at it’s very foundation.

- Dear Designers by @zbryant

This article by Z. Bryant pretty much sums up how i have been feeling lately about design culture we have built around us. Some of the greatest minds in design are busy building platforms to share images with filters or to check-in at some place that most of the world doesn’t even care about. I am sure there are better problems that need solutions. And we tend to ignore them just because they are not cool.